Hindu Boys Names Starting With ‘Y’

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Bootstrap Example
Bootstrap Example
YaachanIt is a prayer or request
YaadavOne who is the descendant of Hindu King Yadu; Another name of Lord Krishna
YaadinderOne who remembers God
YaadroopA loyal devotee of the Lord
YaajaOne who is the king of all; Another name of Lord Shiva
YaashvanYaashvan is a boy's name that means winner
YaashvardhanOne who is full of glory
YaathithThe first ray of the sun; Another name of Lord Shiva
YadavParticular community related to lord krishna
YadavaprakasaOne who is compassionate and tender;Another name of Lord Krishna
YadavendraLeader of the yadavas
YadavesvaraOne who is widely revered; Another name of Lord Krishna
YadawaOne who is supreme; Another name Of Lord Krishna
YadhokshajaName of lord vishnu
YadhuOne who gives or grants blessings; Another name of   Lord Krishna
YadnyaAn anointed fire from the heaven
YadnyeshOne who is the lord of life
YaduAn ancient king
YadunandanSon of yadu, krishna
YadunathLord krishna
YadurajLord krishna
YadutamOne who is beloved and precious; Another name of Lord Krishna
YaduvirLord krishna
YadvinderA saint of God;One who has great belief
YagnaCeremonial rites to god
YagnikOne who performs yagna; a pure soul
YagyasenName of king drupad
YagyeshLord fo the sacrificial fire
YajA sage
YajatLord shiva
YajnadharLord vishnu
YajnarupLord krishna
YajneshLord vishnuyakootah emerald
YakshYaksh  is a representative of God,
YakshaA type of a demi-god
YakshitOne who exists forever
YamahilLord vishnu
YamajitLord shiva
YamajithAnother name for shiva
YamalOne of two twins
YanshOne who is like God
YarzarA mighty ruler
YashodevLord of fame
YashodhanRich in fame
YashpalLord krishna
YashrajKing of fame
YashvasinThe popular. lord ganesha
YashwantOne who has achieved glory
YasodhanandhaA graceful and compassionate soul; Another name of Lord Krishna
YatharthOriginal and unchanged meaning
YathavanLord vishnu
YatheeshOne who reigns; a leader or master
YatindraLord indra
YatishLord of devotees
YatneshGod of efforts
YayatiName of a sage
YayinLord shiva
YesheOne who is full of wisdom
YeshwantOne who has achieved glory
YogadevaLord of yoga
YoganandDelighted with meditation
YoganshOne who is capable
YogendraGod of yoga
YogeshGod of yoga
YoginampatiLord of the yogis
YogineSaint. a name for lord hanuman
YoginiLover of yogas. lord krishna
YogirajGreat ascetic, lord shiva
YograjOne who meditates and considered supreme
YudhajitVictor in war
YudhishthirEldest pandava brother
YudhisthirFirm in battle
YugThe name means 'an era', 'a generation' in Hindi.
YugantEverlasting and timeless
YugavOne who is aggressive to find success
YugeshOne who reigns, King of all eras
YugmaTwins , zodiac sign of gemini
YunayOne who holds the universe; Alternate name of Lord Hanuman
YuvanshFull of life and energy
YuvarajPrince, heir apparent
YuvasamratA mighty young warrior
YuvinOne who leads; a great leader
YuvrajPrince, heir apparent
YuyutsuEager to fight

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