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Keeping names is one of the most exciting and time taking job, also giving those names a modern touch is not as easy as it seems. Finding names sounding modern to others is very essential in this era, people seeks for modern fancy names as they are now liked by many then obsolete names. helps you to keep modern names for your baby boy and baby girl.
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BaazFalcon; Music; To play An instrument; Eagle
BabaljeetFull with Love
BableenImbued in lord's name
BachanbirBrave; Who keeps his promise
BachintWithout worry
BachittarWounderous merits; A person with wondrous merits; Wise one
BaghinderTiger; King
BahadarOne who is brave and corageous
BahadurjitThe victory of the brave
BakhsheeshThe blessed one
BaksheeshDivine blessing
BalaknathChild master
BalbeerMighty and brave; Strong
BalbhagFortunate and powerful
BalbirMighty and brave; Strong
BaldebGod like in power, Another name of Balram
BaldeepCreative and idealistic
BaldevGod like in power, Another name of Balram
BalhaarSurrounded by strength
BaliharSacrifice; Devotion
BalinderLord Krishna; Strong and powerful God
BaljeetMighty victorious.aspx'>victorious; Mighty victor
BaljinderOne who cares for others
BaljitMighty victorious.aspx'>victorious; Mighty victor
BaljiwanLife with strength
BalkarMighty creator
BalmeetPowerful friend; Mighty friend
BalmohanOne who is attractive
BalpreetMighty Love
BalrajStrong; King
BaltejOne with glorious might
BalvanPowerful and mighty
BalvinderGod of force; Strong
BalvirStrong soldier; Powerful and brave
BalwantOf immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might
BalwinderGod of force; Strong
BaninderWord of the God of Heaven
BanjeetLord of the forest
BanjotLight of forest
BanmeetFriend of forest
BanpaulFosterer of forest
BansmeetFriendly descendant
BanspalFosterer of descendant
BarinderLord of the ocean
BarindraLord of the ocean
BarminderGod have given beauty
BeantWithout end - infinity; Used to refer to the supreme being
BeantpalFoster of immeasurable
BhagatDevotee; Disciple
BhagatveerThe brave devotee of God
BhaghwinderDevotion to the God of heaven
BhajnaamRemembering the Love of God
BhajneekAbsorbed in the Love of God
BhajneetOne who always loves the Lord
BhajraamRemembering the Lord
BharpoorOne who is content; Full to the brim
BhavandeepTemple lamp
BhavanjotSoothing light
BhavdeepThe lamp of the world
BhavjeetOne who swims across the dreadful world ocean
BhavjinderTemple shrine of the God of heaven
BhavleenEngrossed in the world
BhavmeetA friend of the world
BhavneetMoral of the world
BhavpalLord; The worlds protector
BhavpremLove for the world
BhinderpalProtected by the God of heaven
BhupinderThe king of kings
BhupinderpalPreserved by God
BibinanakiLady of maternal family
BijulFlashes of lightning
BilawalHappy; God like
BimaljotPure light
BimalpalPreserver of purity
BindarAn intimate particle of the God of Heaven
BinderBrave leader
BinpaulForster of modesty
BipinjotLighted forest
BiradolBrave and unwavering
BirakaalEternally brave
BirapaarWarrior and limitless courage
BirbhoopBrave king
BirindarThe brave God
BirinderKing of warriors
BirjeetA victory of the brave
BirjotLight of the brave
BirpalHeroic protector; Protector of the brave
BirpremLove for braves
BirwantFull of strength and bravery
BisanpreetLove of God
BishanpalRaised by God
BishmeetGreat friend
BismeetBrave; Happy
BiswajitThe world winner; The conqueror
BrahamjeetTriumph of the God
BrahamleenAbsorbed in God
BrahmjogUnion with the Lord
BrahmjotOne in union with God
BrahmleenAbsorbed in Love of God
BrahmpalProtected by the Lord
BrahmtekSupport of God
BrahmvirGod's warrior
BrijenderLord of Brij, Krishna
BrijodhSuper Strong
BrinderLord of ocean
BudhjeetVictory for wisdom
BudhjotLight of wisdom
BudhpreetLove of wisdom
BudhroopEmbodiment of wisdom
BujiA nick loving name

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Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Baby  names will help you to find a perfect name for your newborn!. This names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy and girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.

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