Sikh Boys Names Starting With ‘A’

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Bootstrap Example
Bootstrap Example
AadroopAn embodiment of the beginning-less
AaradhDeep rapturous Love; Adoration
AaravjotFreethinker; A person with high ambition
AarmanHope or desire; Army Man; Wish
AarvinderOf the God of Heavens
AayatpreetVersion of God
AbhaijeetVictory over fear
AcharajWondrous being
AchintCare free
AdishvarThe foremost God
AditpalProtector of the Sun
AdrishtFormless being
AdsachPrime truth
AgambirBrave as God
AgamdeepBeyond limits
AgamjeetGod's light; Victory of God
AgamjitGod's light; Victory of God
AgamjotGod's light; The inaccessible light
AgampalGod as protector
AgampreetLove for God
AhsmitTrustworthy friend
AjaathWithout caste
AjaipalTo gain a victory over
AjaypalTo gain a victory over
AjitpalOne who is invincible; Unconquerable
AjminderPresence of the God of Heaven
AjmirPresence of the foremost one
AkaalImmortal; Undying; Timeless; Chief of a tribe; Supreme being
AkaaldeepEternal lamp; Lamp of the God
AkaashdeepIlluminated heavenly realm; Star in the sky
AkalImmortal; Undying; Timeless; Chief of a tribe; Supreme being
AkalbirOne who conquers peace; God's immortal warrior
AkaldeepEternal lamp; Lamp of the God
AkaljogIn union with eternal Love
AkaljotThe eternal light; God's light
AkalpreetLove of God
AkalpurkhImmortal personality (God)
AkalrasElixir of Love of God
AkalroopOf eternal form; Of eternal beauty
AkalsahaiUndying succourer; Supporter
AkaltatThe eternal reality
Akal-UstatPraise to timeless; Eternal
AkalvirOne who conquers peace; God's immortal warrior
AkhareeFrom God's word
AkheeOf an eye as in a blink of an eye
AklakshImperceptible; Invisible God
AkshdeepThe lamp of light in the Sky
AlaukikTranscending the world
AlokpalPreserver of light
AmaanatTreasure; Security; Deposit
AmalbirPure and brave
AmalinderPure God
AmaljotPure flame
AmanbirThe strength of peace; The one who fights for peace
AmandevThe God of peace
AmaninderTranquil God of Heaven
AmanjeetPeace attainder; Attainer of tranquility
AmanjeevanOne who lives a peaceful life
AmanjitPeace attainder; Attainer of tranquility
AmanjotRadiating the light of peace; Tranquil light
AmanpalPeace protector
AmanroopThe embodiment of peace
AmanveerThe strength of peace; The one who fights for peace
AmanvirThe strength of peace; The one who fights for peace
AmarbirEternally brave
AmardeepEternal light
AmardevThe immortal God; Imperishable deity
AmargunImmortal merits
AmarinderBlessed by God for immortality
AmaritGod's nectar
AmarjeetForever victorious; Ever victorious; One who has conquered the Devas
AmarjotThe immortal light
AmarleenForever absorbed in God; Ever absorbed in God
AmarpalImperishable protector
AmarpreetImmortal Love of God
AmartekEternal support
AmeekVery Deep
AmenderPeople of the heavenly God
AmitbirUnlimited bravery
AmitojUnlimited glow
AmitpalLimitless protector
AmoljotPriceless light
AmolrasPriceless elixir
AmonjotRadiating the light of peace
Amraoomeans 'a beautiful place' in one of the local Aboriginal dialects
AmreekCelestial God; Nectar
AmrikhAncient sage
AmrinderPrincely Lord God of Heaven
AmriqueCelestial God
AmritbaanLiving a nectar-like way of life
AmritleenOne imbued in the Lord's nectar
AmritpalEarly bird; Pure; Richness
AnaahatLimitless; Infinite; Unbeaten; New; Uninjured
AnadjotOne who radiates the Lord's light
AnandjotThe light of bliss
AnandleenOne absorbed in the Lord's bliss
AnandroopOf blissful form; Radiating bliss
AnandsarEssence of bliss
AnantarjotGod's light
AnantdevOf immeasurable divinity
AnanthInfinite; Eternal; Godly; The Earth; Vishnu; Shiva; Another name for Brahma; Endless
AnantjeetEndless victory
AnantvirBoundlessly heroic
AndeepModest lamp
AneeshkourRelated to God
Angad VeerHeroic brother of the original one
AngaddevIn service of the original one
AngangGod of Love
AnhadCelestial music
AniljotLight of air
AnilpalImmaculate protector
AnokhExtraordinary and wondrous; Unique; Wondrous
AnoopbirBeauteous and brave
AnoopjotRadiating the beauteous light; Matchless light; Flame
AnooplokA resident of the beauteous realm
AnrajIn the manner of royalty
AntarjotThe divine light within
AnujpalFosterer of younger brother
AnupjotRadiating the beauteous light; Matchless light; Flame
ApardeepThe lamp of the infinite
AprinderInfinite God of Heaven
AprinderjeetInfinite victorious God of heaven
AravjotCrusher of the evil
ArdamanHeroic without personality flaw
ArinderjitHope or desire; Army Man; Wish
ArmaanHope or desire; Army Man; Wish
ArmanA friend of An enemy
ArmeetGod of Sky
ArminderGod's clone
ArshbirMeaningful; Meaning
ArshjotMorning Victory
ArthMorning flame
ArunjeetProtector of the morning
ArunjotGoodness; Power; beauty; trust; Happiness; spirituality
ArunpalOf the God of heavens
ArunvirLord of wheels
ArvinderThat Which Is Beyond Anyone's Strength
AryanSacred water; Amrit
AsaroopSomebody who gives shelter; One who gives refuge to others; God of wealth; One who protects others; Rite of dependency; Trust on God; One who is dependent on God; Subramaniam Swami
AshneerHeaven; Sky
AshreetIntimate Love
AsmanSomebody who gives shelter, One who gives refuge to others, God of wealth, One who protects others, Rite of dependency, Trust on God, One who is dependent on God), Subramaniam Swami
AsnehImmovable Prince
AsritVictorious supporter
AtamveerGod's triumph
AtinderGod of spiritually
AtinderjeetOne in proximity of the heavenly God; Very idealistic nature
AupinderImmovable morals
AvahanLord of the earth
AvaneetBrave; One who fights for peace; Strong; Continuous or ongoing
AvaninderDifferent; Blessed by God
AveerIncarnate; Holy incarnation
AvleenLaughter; Chandra (Moon); Beautiful; Handsome; Grandson of prophet Mohammed
AvyakthaBeloved; Friend; Comrade; Dear

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of time. This popular collection of Sikh Baby Boy Names will help you to find a perfect name for your newborn! This names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy and Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.