Sikh Boys Names Starting With ‘N’

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We understand, today all parents would like to choose a Modern, Cute and Unique Sikh Baby Name for their child. Out of thousands of Baby Names, choosing a perfect Baby Boy Name is not an easy task.

That is why we have created a new collection of Sikh Baby Boy Names. In this collection we have hand-picked Best Sikh Baby Boy Names which are Modern and Unique for newborn babies. 

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Bootstrap Example
NaamadharSupport of naam
NaamadolUnwavering in naam
NaamaharOne who is sustained by Naam
NaamanandOne who finds bliss in naam
NaambhagatA devotee of the Lord
NaambirBrave who remembers the Lord
NaamcheetRemembering the Lord's name
NaamchetanAware of naam
NaamdarshanVision of naam
NaamdheerSteadfast in naam
NaamdhianAbsorbed in naam
NaamdhunMelody of naam
NaamjeevanOne whose life is Naam alone
NaamjodhWarrior absorbed in naam
NaamjogUnion with naam
NaamjotLight of name
NaamnidhanTreasure of naam
NaamniranjanOne as immaculate as naam
NaamnivasDwelling in naam
NaamprakashRadiating the light of Naam
NaampreetLove for Naam; One who loves the Lords being
NaamramanOne absorbed in naam
NaamrangImbued in naam
NaamsaihajTranquillity in naam
NaamsangatOne who longs to be in naam
NaamshantFinding peace through naam
NaamsharanShelter of naam
NaamteerathThe holy place of Naam
NaamuttamExalted in naam
NaamvicharReflection on consciousness
NabdeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp;
NaganderThe Sun
NaginderLord of mountain
NaginderbirBrave mountain
NaindeepEyes full of light
NaininderGod in the eyes
NaintaarEyes full of light
NaitarpalProtector of the eyes
NamgeetOne whose life is the song of naam
NamitpalHumble protector
NamjeetA victory of Lord's name
NamjeevOne who lives absorbed in naam; Poet; Saint
NamleenAbsorbed in the Lord's essence
NampalProtector of naam
NampreetLove for Naam; One who loves the Lords being
NampremLove for the name of God
NamratanJewel of a name
NamritabirHumble and brave
NamritadeepHumble lamp
NamritajeetVictory of politeness
NamritajotLight of humbleness
NamritameetModest friend
NamritapreetLove for humbleness
NamritbeerOf God's family
NanakdevBrave son
NandanbirA victory of the son
NandanjeetLight of the son
NandanjotLoving son
NandanpreetLight of the mind
NanveerA godly person
NarainSupreme being of pure light
NaranjanA god-like person
NardevThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king
NarendraBrave king
NareshbirVictorious king
NareshjeetProtector of king
NareshpalThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king
NarinderBrave king
NarinderbirKings lamp
NarinderdeepKings light
NarinderjotProtector of a Man of the God of Heaven
NarinderpalProtector of king
NaritpalWinner; Ruler of heart
NarjeetGreat warrior
NarjodhImbued with king
NarleetLove for human being
NarpreetIn the service of humanity
NarsevBrave person
NarveerBrave Lord
NarvinderWarner; Eyes
NatherA new Ray of light
NavaljyotThe new warrior
NavbirLight; The ever new light; New lamp;
NavdeepNovel victory
NaveenjeetNovel light
NaveenjotEver-fresh victory
NavijeetBrave Lord
NavinderThe new victory
NavjeetThe ever fresh life
NavjeevEverfresh life
NavjeevanEverfresh Lord
NavjinderNovel warrior
NavjodhThe new light; Always bright
NavjotNew; The Sunrays of motivation
NavkiranNovel victory
NavleenNovel friend
NavmeetThe youth
NavnihalNew Love
NavpreetNoble Love
Navpreet SinghTune; New rule
NavpremFresh ritual; Angel
NavrajNew generation
NavreetNew light
NavroopLight of the eye
NavtejLove for sight
NayandeepBlue sky; God of Sky
NazarpreetSapphire warrior
NeelamberVictory of sapphire
NeelambirLight of sapphire
NeelamjeetPreserver of Sapphire
NeelamjotLove for sapphire
NeelampaulProtector of lotus
NeerajpaulProtector of law
NeetimanImmovable warrior
NeetipalImmovable light
NehchalbirOne whose love is true
NehchaljotOne whose faith in God is steadfast
NehchalpreetNoble lamp
NehchaltekDecent king
NekdeepNoble victory
NekinderNoble light
NekjeetGood conduct
NekjotProtector of nobility
NeknamOf noble form
NekpaalFirm and brave
NekroopFirm victory
NihchalbirFirm light
NihchaljeetFirm friend
NihchaljotFirm Love
NihchalmeetFirm Love
NihchalpreetFirm support
NihchalpremAdjusted; Ascetic
NihchaltekLove for modesty
NimaiModest lamp
NimmapreetOne who sleeps well
NimmardeepBrave with good sleep
NinderVictorious with good sleep
NinderbirLight of good sleep
NinderjeetPreserver of good sleep
NinderjotWater. one of the five elements of the world. it is the essence of life
NiranjanWithout fear; Fearless
NirbaanHoly and brave
NirbhauPure consciousness; One whose heart is holy
NirmalbirPure consciousness; One whose heart is holy
NirmalcheetHoly lamp
NirmalchitReligious holy virtues
NirmaldeepGod's holy praises
NirmaldharamVictory of purity
NirmaljasHoly being
NirmaljeetUnion with the holy one
NirmaljeevImmaculate; Pure light
NirmaljogOne whose actions are holy
NirmaljotPure Love
NirmalkaramPure Love
NirmalpreetPerforming holy service
NirmalpremSupport of holy one
NirmalsevWithout price; Priceless; Invaluable
NirmaltekOne who is without enmity; Hate
NirmolSure victory
NishaanCeaselessly remembers the Lord
NishandeepA lamp of light
NitnamDivine light
NoordeepEternal divine light
NoordevLove for divine light
NoorneetOf nine hundred thousand
NoorpreetLord of kings
NoulakhLight of king

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of time. This popular collection of Sikh Baby Boy Names will help you to find a perfect name for your newborn! This names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy and Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.