Sikh Boys Names Starting With ‘V’

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We understand, today all parents would like to choose a Modern, Cute and Unique Sikh Baby Name for their child. Out of thousands of Baby Names, choosing a perfect Baby Boy Name is not an easy task.

That is why we have created a new collection of Sikh Baby Boy Names. In this collection we have hand-picked Best Sikh Baby Boy Names which are Modern and Unique for newborn babies. 

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Bootstrap Example
VaahegurooWondrous enlightener
VachanbirBrave who keeps his promise
VachanpreetOne who Love promise
VadbhagFortunate one
VaibhavRichness; Power; Eminence
VajrajitLord Indra, Conqueror of Inder, Whose weapon is called Vajra
VallabhBeloved; Dear; First; Cowherd; Lover
VamanbirImpatient brave
VamandeepImpatient lamp
VamanjitVictory of impatience
VanditTo whom salutation is given; Praised; Worshipped
VanjeetLord of the forest
VariamBrave; Lion
VarinderLord of the ocean
VarinderpalBlessing of protection by God in heaven
VarindraLord of the ocean
VariyamThe brave one
VarseeratA beautiful gift by God
VarundeepLamp of God
VarunjeetVictory of God
VarunpalProtected by God
VasantbirSpring of brave
VasantdeepSpring lamp
VasantpreetLove for Spring
VeerCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
VeerindarA brave godly person
VeerpalHeroic protector; Protector of the brave
VichaarchetanOne who is aware and reflective
VichaardeepLamp of reflection
VicharPhilosophy; Extensive reflection; Contemplation
VicharleenAbsorbed in reflection; Strong
VijayantVictor; Name of Lord Indra
VijaybirVictory of brave
VijaydeepVictory lamp
VijaymeetFriendly victory
VijaypratapGlory of victory
VijaypreetLove for victory
VijenderGod of bravery
VikramdevGod of valorous
VikramjitVictorious brave
VikramjotLight of bravery
VikrampalPreserver of bravery
VikrampreetOne who loves to be valorous
VimaldeepPure lamp
VimaljeetVictorious of the pure
VimaljotPure light
VimalpreetPure Love
VimalpremPure Love
VinaybeerBrave and modest
VinaybirBrave and modest
VinaydeepLamp of modesty
VinaypaulPreserver of modesty
VinaypreetLove for modesty
VinitpaulProtector of modesty
VirCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
VirinderKing of warriors
VirpalHeroic protector; Protector of the brave
VishalbirImmense brave
VishaldeepTremendous lamp
VishaljeetGreat victory
VishaljotImmense light
VishalpreetImmense Love
VishwarajKing of the world
VishwarpreetLove of the world
VishwatamSoul of the world
VishwpalProtector of the World
VisramanOne who is carefree
VivekbirWise and brave
VivekdeepLight of wisdom
VivekpaulPreserver of the wisdom
VivekpreetLove for wisdom
VivinFull of Life; Willpower; Freedom

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of time. This popular collection of Sikh Baby Boy Names will help you to find a perfect name for your newborn! This names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy and Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.