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Welcome to www.indianbabynamez.com's Modern Hindu Baby Names collection. We understand, today all parents would like to choose a modern, cute and unique baby name for their child. Out of thousands of baby names, choosing a perfect baby name is not an easy task. That is why we have created a new collection of Hindu baby names. In this collection we have hand-picked baby names which are modern and unique for newborn babies.  Click on BELOW alphabets to view baby names for the select alphabet. We trust this little baby names list will help you to choose a proper name for your bundle of joy.
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IbhananLord ganesh
IdaspatiGod of rain -vishnu
IdhyahThe name means 'praiseworthy' in Sanskrit.
IhitOne who is honored
IjayLord vishnu
IjyaThe name also has the meaning 'dispeller of evil minded enemies'.
IkjeetIt is a Sikh name that means victorious
IkshitOne who does actions that are visible to all
IlakiyenTamil name that means, one who has literary skills
IlamaranBrave Young Man
IlamathiBrave Young Woman
IlangoName of a Chera prince
IlashpastiLord of the earth
IlavalaganAttractive Man
IlavarasanIlavarasan is a Tamil boy's name that means prince
IlayarajaIlayaraja is a Tamil name that means prince
IleshLord of earth
IlisaKing of the earth
ImaranHaving great strength
InaLord surya
InakantaBeloved of sun
InbanathanTamil name for sweet boy
IndarmeetFriend of the almighty God
IndarpalPreserver Of God
IndarpreetLove For God
IndarpremLove For God
IndeevarIt is used to denote a blue lotus
IndeeverBlue lotus
Inder KantInderkant refers to Lord Indra
IndermaanRespect for God
IndiranHindu name  that means the sun
IndireshThis is another name for Lord Vishnu
IndivarLord vishnu
IndraGod of the skies
IndraarjunBright and brave indra
IndrabhLight of Lord Indra
IndrachapIndrachap means 'rainbow'
IndradattGift of indra
IndradhanushIndradhanush means, 'rainbow'
IndradityaGod of the heavens
IndraduttGift of indra
IndradyumnSplendour of indra
IndragopGlow of Lord Indra
IndrajitVictor over indra
IndranAnother name of Lord Indra
IndrasenEldest of the pandavas
IndrasutaSon of indra
IndratanAs strong as indra
IndreshIndresh means, 'Lord Indra'
IndubhusanDenotes Lord Shiva
IndubhushanThe moon
InduhasanLike a moon
IndujMercury ( planet )
IndukanthIndukanth means,'one who is as handsome as the moon'
IndulalMoon's lustre
IndulekshThe moon
IndumalLord shiva
IndumatRespected by moon
IndumauliMoon crested
IneshLord vishnu
IraianbuThe one who is loved by the Divine power
IrajLord hanuman
IravanThe name means 'ruler'. Other meanings of this Sanskrit origin name are 'king of ocean, filled with sea'.
IreshLord of earth, vishnu
IriHanuman , son of wind god
IsaivalanIsaivalan  is a Tamil name that means skilled musician
IshLord vishnu
IshaanThe person who brings riches
Ishanmeans 'possessing, rudras, lord, master, light, wealthy, reigning'
IshanaAnother name for lord vishnu
IshikOne who is desirable and lovely
IshitThe name refers to 'One who desires to rule' or 'ruler' in Sanskrit.
IshpreetOne who loves God
IshranthDerived from a Hindu word meaning 'full of might'
IshtarthOne who is loved
IshwarPowerful, the supreme god

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