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Welcome to Modern Sikh baby Girls names collection. Keeping names is one of the most exciting and time taking job, also giving those names a modern touch is not as easy as it seems. Finding names sounding modern to others is very essential in this era, people seeks for modern fancy names as they are now liked by many then obsolete names. helps you to Find Sikh baby Girls Names. Click on Below alphabets to view all Modern Sikh baby girl names for the select alphabet.
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Bootstrap Example
AamodiniJoyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl; Fragrant; Celebrated
AjooniBeyond transmigration; Incarnation (God)
AkalsharanThe one taking shelter in God
AkalsimarOne remembering the eternal God
AkalsukhForever in peace and delight
AmritpreetLover of immortalising nectar
AmritvaaniSweet voice; True saying
AnahatLimitless; Infinite; Unbeaten; New; Uninjured
AntarpreetOne who loves the light within
AnuradhaThe 17th Nakshathra; A bright star
AnureetAn atom culture
ArdasPray of God
ArmaniIs associated with Goddess Durga
ArminDweller of the Garden of Eden
ArnalinderImmaculate God
ArshdeepNatkhat bachhi
AshmeetTrustworthy friend; the Pride; Ever smiling; Divine smile
AsmaniCelestial; Divine; Heavenly; Azure
AsreetSomebody who gives shelter; One who gives refuge to others; God of wealth;
AtmajaBorn of the soul; Another name for Parvati
AvneetModest; Kind hearted
BabliLovely; Chubby
BairagiDetached; Free from desire and attachment
ChannanFull of fragrance like sandalwood
ChhabBeauty; Splendor; Brilliance; Fashion; Form; Figure
ChhabbaGold; Silver ornament
ChhailBeautiful; Handsome
DhianniMeditative one
DilshanRuler of Hearts; Prestigious
DishmeetLovely Soul
DivyajyotLight of Divya
DpinderLight of Lord Inder
DrivnayneeAngelic eyes
EkampoojWorshipper of the supreme being
EkampreetLove for one's God
EkamroopEmbodiment of oneness
EknoorOne light
FaajalAccomplished; Bountiful grace
FaalOracle; Fruit
FajalAccomplished; Bountiful grace
FalOracle; Fruit
Gargotbeautiful flower
GatleenMerged in freedom
GatsimarLiberation through meditation
GauravpreetLove for glory
GeetleenAbsorbed in the songs of bliss
GiaanpreetOne who loves the divine knowledge
GianpreetOne who loves the divine knowledge
GulbaghRose garden; Paradise
GunAttribute; Excellence; Merit; Quality; Virtue
GuneetpreetLove for excellence
GunjeetVictory of virtue
GunjunTo humm
GunmeetA friend of qualities
GunreetPeople with this name tend to be very inspired, intuitive, and creative, they strive to see the big picture and achieve their dreams
GuramritGuru ka Amrit, Holy Amrit
GurbaniSikhs religious prayer
GurditaGift of Guru
GurdittaOne born with gurus blessing
GureetOf the Guru
GurgianKnowing guru’s word
GurhimmatCourage from Guru's guidance
GurishaWish of Guru
GurjeetVictory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru
GurkaBelonging to Guru
GurkiranLight from the Guru
GurleenIn serve of teacher
GurmailGurus friend
GurmanderGurus temple
GurnamaskarObeisance to Guru
GurneeshGurus grace
GurneetGurus moral
GurnoorPleasant face of God
GurparveenGoddess of the stars
GurpinderGuru of kings
GurpreetLove of Guru, Gurus Love
GurrishmaGur is related to gurus, and Rishma is the first rays of the Moon
GurshaktiPower of Guru
GursheelModesty Given by Guru
GursheenGurus pride
GursimanRemembering the Guru
GursukhOne who is blissful through Guru
GurukaBelonging to the enlightener
GurupreetLove of the enlightener
GyanleenOne absorbed in divine light and knowledge
HamreetBeloved of God; Friend of God
HanitHappiness; Spade
HaramritGod's immortalising nectar
HaranjanTo stay in the eyes of God
HarbakhsGod's gift
HardipaLamp of God
HargeetLords blissful songs
HargurmeetGod and gurus friend
HariamritNectar of God
HaridattaGod's gift
HarigunVirtuous God
HarlaxmiDeities of fortune
HarmansukhPeace from God's heart
HarminderGod of heaven
HarneezEqual treatment to all
HaroopBeautiful God
HarpoojWorshipping God
HarpreetkourLoving each
HarroopBeautiful God
HarseetalPeaceful through remembering God
HarshagunGod's Greetings
HarshardhaFaith in God
HarsimranRemembrance of God
HarsimranjodhWarrior in remembrance of God
HarsimranjotLight of remembrance of God
HarsimransukhPeace with the remembrance of God
HarsimratGod's remebrance
HarsleenWho remembering god
HarsukhPeaceful through dwelling on God
HeeraDiamond; Queen of Gods
HeraDiamond; Queen of Gods
HetpaulProtector of Love
HirPowerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness
HumpreetHum aur Preet
IkamEntirely one
IkjasPraise of one
IkjotThe one light; God's light
IkleenAbsorbed in one
IkmooratA form of the one supreme being
IkpoojWorshipper of the supreme being
IshleenAbsorbed in the Almighty
IshwarpreetGod's beloved
JakkhleenOne absorbed in worship
JapleenAbsorbed in God's remembrance
JapnailGeneral in the military
JasinderGlory of God
JasjeetGlorious victory
JasjinderGlory of God
JasmeenA flower; Praise of distinction
JasmeetFamed; Celebrated; Famous
JasminderLords glory
JasmitFamed; Celebrated; Famous
JasnoorThe light of God
JaspatiPraiseworthy master
JaspinderLords glory
JaspreetThe one who loves to sing the praises of the Lord
JassiOne who sits
JasveenGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality
JhalakGlimpse; Spark; Sudden motion
JodhpreetLovable brave
JotleenAbsorbed in light of God
JusjeetGlorious victory
JusmeetGlorious friend
JuspreetLove for glory
KajalpreetLove for eye liner
KalajotLight of art
KalapiPeacock; Nightingale
KamaljotLight of lotus
KamallaPerfect; Goddess; Flower; Born of a Lotus; Spring; Passionate; Beautiful; Eminent; Prosperity
KanchanjotGolden light
KandrayaWisdom; Angel; Trust; And loved
KanwaljotLight of lotus
KanwalnainPrincely eyes
KanwalroopEmbodiment of lotus
KanwargunMeritorious Prince
KanwarjodhWarrior Prince
KanwarsukhHappy Prince
KarnapriyaSomething that is sweet to our ears
KarunyaCompassionate (Goddess Lakshmi); Praiseworthy; Merciful; Kind
KashmiraFrom Kashmir
KauserA river in paradise
KavneerGreat poet
KayaBody; Elder sister
KhahishHeart's desire
KhalsaPure; The pure one
KiranroopEmbodiment of rays
KiransukhHappy rays
KomaljotSoft and peaceful light
KomalroopAn embodiment of peace and beauty
KrishnapatiMasterful deity; Lord Krishna
KudratPower; Might; Strength; Nature; Pure; Clean; Queen
KulFamily; Total; Entire
KuljotLight of the family
KulminderKing of the family
KulpreetLove of the family
KulroopEmbodiment of family
KulwinderHero of the family; The great warrior
KuntalaA woman with luxurious hair
KushalaSafe; Happy; Expert
LakhHundred thousand;
LakhmiGoddess of fortune
LakhroopMost charming among hundred thousand
LakhshmiGoddess of fortune
LakshmaniBelonging to Lakshman
LavleenAbsorbed in adoration of God
LibleenAbsorbed in adoration of God
LivjogAbsorbed in union with God
LivjotAbsorbed in the light of God; Love illuminated
LivleenAbsorbed in adoration of God
LivroopEmbodiment of Love
LovelyBeautiful; Sweet
LuvleenAbsorbed in Love
MadhurbaenSweet words
MahangiaanGreat wisdom and enlightenment
MahangunTreasure of great virtues
MahanjotExalted light
MahansukhGreat happiness
MaheshwariGoddess Durga; Great lady; An epithet of Durga, A Dakshayanee in Mahakal, Consort of Maheshvar, i.e. Shiva; Name of a River
MahingaDear; Expensive
MandakrantaA Sanskrit metre
MandiraaCymbals; Home; A dwelling; Sacred; Temple; Sea; Melodious; The musical sound produced by Cymbals
MangalaAuspicious; Before morning; Sacred grass; Jasmine; Another name for Uma and Durga
ManjariA bunch
ManjiraMusical instrument; Ankle bells; Anklet
ManjodhOne who battles against the evils
MankiranRay of Mind
ManmukatLiberated from mind
MannatA vow to a deity; Wish
ManoranjanaEntertaining; Pleasing
ManpremAffectionate heart
ManpriyaBeloved heart
ManreetCustom of heart
ManroopBeautiful mind
MansheetalSatisfaction of heart
MansundarBeautiful soul
ManukhaHuman form
ManveerBrave heart
MashaalLight; Bright
MayrayOf mine
MayreeMy, Mine
MayukhaRay of light; Brightness
MeeraA devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess
MeharCourtesy of God
MeharjotLight of grace
MeshStrong; Ruler; Royal; Another name for Vishnu
MilkhaMonarch; King
MithraFriend; The Sun
MridulaSoft or tender; Gentle; Sweet
NaamnirmalOne who is holy through Naam
NaamroopOne who becomes the embodiment of naam name
NaamseetalAttaining peace through Naam
NaamsukhAttaining happiness through naam
NamjasOne who sings praises of naam
NamjotLight of name
NamritaUtmost humility
NamroopOne who becomes the embodiment of naam name
NarMale; Hero; Husband; Another name for Brahman
NauhnihalNew branch beginning
NavkiranjotNovel light victory
NavneetFresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Always new
NihchalImmovable; Firm
NimmarataModest; Humble
NimraatiHalf night amritvela
NiranjanaAarti; Name of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full Moon
NishaaNight; Women; Dream
NishanthiniEnd of dark night; Smile
NoorLight; Angel
OopajaiDwell; Reside
PalvinderMoments spent with Lord
ParamgiaanTrue knowledge
ParamgunHaving highest virtues
ParamleenAbsorbed in the highest, God
ParamlivAbsorbed in the highest
ParamseetalMost peaceful and happy
ParamsimranHighest worship
ParamsukhSupreme joy and bliss
ParmindarGod of Gods; Highest God
ParvinderGod of Gods
PrabhatkiranMorning Ray
PrabhgeetSongs of God
PrabhgiaanDivine knowledge
PrabhgunOne having godly merits
PrabhleenAbsorbed in Love of God
PrabhmeharOne blessed with God's grace
PrabhnirmalOne who is pure like God
PrabhseetalAttaining peace through God
PrabhsimarOne who remembers God
PrabhsimranAdmiration of God
PrabhsukhAttaining peace by remembering God
PrageetSong; Lyric
PrajnaGoddess Saraswati; Clever and sensible woman; Intelligence; Understanding; Discernment; Wisdom personified as Goddess Sarasvati; Insight
PraneetaLed forward; Conducted; Advanced; Promoted; Pure water
PranjitaWinner of life
PreetinderGod of Love cupid
PremjyotiLamp of Love
PremleenAbsorbed in Love of God
PremsiriGreatest Love
Pujya SrithaGoddess Lakshmi (Pujya - respectable Sritha - dressed); Prepared; Mixed
PurandhriSame as Gayatri
PushpitaDecorated with flowers; One that has flowered
QishenDeity Krishna
Rajdeep KaurBest of queens
RajneetFriendly king
RameetAttractive; Charming; Loved; Happy
RaminderGod's beloved
RangBeautiful; Lovely
RangseetalOne coloured in Love of God
RasgunElixir of righteousness; Elixir of patience and peace
RashanpreetVictory with Lord's elixir; One who delights in the elixir of virtues
RashmeetOne who attains the elixir of enlightenment
RashminderOne who attaines the elixir of enlightenment
RaswinderElixir of the holy soul
RaveenaSunny; Bright; Fair
RavneetMorality like the Sun
RidhimaSpring of Love; Full of Love
RimpiFull of Love; Pretty
RitpaulImmersed in God; Tradition
RubaniSoul Bani
SaarA form of God; Effective
SachsukhAn embodiment of truth; True servant
SadhikaGoddess Durga; Achiever; Pious; Proficient
SahjaraCoastal lamp
SaihajamritLove for coast
SaihajsaroopOne absorbed in peace and bliss
SaihajseetalOne absorbed in peace and bliss
SaihajsukhA resident of the blissful realm
SajOne who worships God; Beauteous tranquillity
SajjAbsorbed in true knowledge
SakhMorning Sun
SamaaeVirtuous brave
SangeetaMusical; Music
SanghiElixir obtained from holy congregation
SanmukhLord Kartikeya; Having six faces; Epithet of Kaarttikeya; Destiny
SarabjeetWinning all
SarableenOne who prevades in all
SarabsukhHaving all peace
SardhaGoddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati; Faith; Grace
SaroorHappiness; Calm; Satisfaction
SashangiAssociated; Connected
SatgurTrue guide
SatleenThe one absorbed in truth, In God
SatroopSat (God) light
SatsimranContemplation of truth
SatsukhThe one in true bliss
SavreenPatience; Endurance; Passion; Multi talented
SehajPatience; State of peace and balance; Tranquility
Seert Inner Beauty
Sehar Intelligent; Beautiful; Early …
Sehaz Easy
Sehba Wine; Beauty
Sehej Patience; Quite; Peaceful; Kind
Sehra Love; Sunrise; Dawn
Sejal River Water; Pure Water; Pure …
Serat Good Manners; Inside Beauty
Sezal River / Pure Water; Real; Flowing …
SehajleenEasily absorbed in God
ShaminderQuiet; Gentle
ShanaPraise; Prayer; Art
SharanjeetOne who attains the gurus shelter, Refuge of the victor, Protected
ShavinderLucky; Beautiful God
SijhThe Sun
SikhDisciple; Student; Seeker; Perpetual learner
SimapreetLove with God
Simar Simple; Awesome; Recitation of …
Simbo Clever
Simer Meditation
Simma Treasure; Boundary; Precious Thing
Simmi Cute / Beautiful / Lovely Girl
Simmy Sunny; Sun
SimarleenAbsorbed in remembrance; Forever absorbed in God
SimleenAbsorbed in remembering (God)
SimranMeditation; Gift of God
SimratRemember; Remembering through meditation
SimritaLoved and honoured by all; Meditation
SiratInner beauty; Fame; Desired or longed for
SirisatsimranSupreme contemplation of truth
SkandajitWife of Lord Vishnu
SonaljeetGolden victory
SukhHappiness; Joy; Good; Auspicious Joy; Happy
SukhjeetRemaining in peace
SukhmaniBringing peace to the heart
SukhnaazFeel Proud; Beauty of God; Peace of God
SukhroopEmbodiment of peace
SukhseetalOne delighting in peace
SukhsimranPeaceful contemplation of God
SunainaBeautiful eyes; A woman with lovely eyes
SundariBeautiful; Angel
SurinaA Goddess; Wise
SwarnjeetGet to gold
TamanpreetGold; Golden
TanweerRadiant; Illuminating; Enlightening
TavleenEngrossed in God
TegroopBeautiful sword
TriptaSatisfied; Satisfaction; Another name for the river Ganges
UjaalaOne who radiates the light; Bright
UjjalroopA pure and beauteous person
UttamleenImmersed in the Love of divine
UttamlivAbsorbed in the Love of God
VadiayaGod's greatness
VasundharaThe earth
VidhyaKnowledge; Learning
XilmalShine; Shimmer
YaadOne who remembers (God)
YaadinderGod's remembrance
YaadleenOne absorbed in God's remembrance
YasminePrecious stone
YuvraniThe young queen; Princess
ZahiraHelper; Supporter; Protector; Blossoming flower; Brilliant; Visible; Dawn
ZaidaGreat abundance; Growth
ZaitoonOlive; Fiery; Sower of seeds
ZeenatAdornment; Ornament; Delicate or honor
ZhalakGlimpse; Spark; Sudden motion
ZobiaGod gifted
ZohraSparkle; Blossom; Blooming
ZoreedOne who meets
ZulakhaThe first part of the night; Having a small and finely chiselled nose
ZulfaThe first part of the night
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