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LaalIt is  a Hindu name meaning 'dear' or 'beloved'
LabakaIt means ' a person with a melodious, pleasant voice'
LabhshaIt is a Hindu name that means ' one with a good heart'
LachmanA name of younger brother of Lord Rama. It is a variant of the name Lakshman.
LaganAppropriate time
LahiriIt is an Indian name that means wave
LakhanLord rama's brother
LakshAim, target
LakshanyOne who is well focused on an aim or a target
LakshanyaOne who achieves
LakshayIt is an Indian name that means,'Aim' or 'Goal'
LakshinWith auspicious marks
LakshitHindu name that means 'target or goal'
LakshithPerson who is well focussed on an aim
LakshivIt is a Hindu name that means 'aim' or 'goal'
LakshmanBrother of lord rama
LakshmanaA variant name of Lakshman.
Lakshmi NarayanIt is a name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshmi RamanLakshmiraman is a name that is used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu mythology
LakshmibalanLakshmibalan is a name that implies Goddess Lakshmi
LakshmidharLord vishnu
LakshmigopalLord vishnu
LakshmikantVishnu, husband of goddess lakshmi
LakshmikantaLord vishnu
LakshmikanthaIt is a a name that is used to denote Lord Vishnu.
LakshmikanthanIt is a a name that is used to denote Lord Vishnu.
LakshminarayanLakshmi and lord vishnu together
LakshminathConsort of Goddess Lakshmi.
LakshmipatiHusband of lakshmi
LakshmiramanLord vishnu
LalchandRed moon
LalchandraRed moon
LalitName of lord krishna, attractive
LalitadityaBeautiful sun
LalitchandraBeautiful moon
LaliteshGod of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
LalithIt means graceful, charming or beautiful
LalitlochanOne with beautiful eyes
LalitmohanBeautiful and attractive
LalkrishnaA pet name used  for little  Lord Krishna
LalooIndian name that means innocent
LambodarLord ganesh
LambodharLord ganesh
LanibanLord shiva
LarrajA sage
LavSon of lord rama, fragment
LavitraLord shiva
LaxmanLord rama's brother
Leeladhar One of many names of Lord Krishna 
Leelakar One of many names of Lord Krishna 
LeelaramOne of the variant names of Lord Rama
LehanA Bengali name that means, one who refuses 
LekhakAn author, writer
LekhanAn author
LekharajA good author
LekhitA Hindi word that means author
LekhonA person who writes well, author
LekhrajThe King who loves to write
LekithHe who writes well
LelayamanaA playful and sportive person
LepakshIt is a variant of name Lepakshi that means one with beauitifully painted eyes 
LeyshyaLeyshya means intelligent, brilliant
LibeeshOne who has serious outlook to life
LiladharLord vishnu
LishanthA variant of name Lishan which means an award
LitheshLithesh means charming and charismatic
LithieshLithiesh is a Hindu name that means Aim or Goal
LivjotOne who is  captivated by the Light of God
LochanpalProtector of desires and wishes
LogeshOne of many names of Lord Shiva 
LohajitOne who is like a diamond
LohendraLord of three worlds
LohitRed, made of copper, mars
LohitakshLord vishnu
LohitakshaLord vishnu
LohitashwaOne with red horse, fire
LohithaswaWeapon of Lord Shiva
LokIt means, earth or the universe
LokajitConqueror of world
LokakritiCreator of the world.
LokamayaA variant name of Goddess Durga
LokanathanAnother name of Lord Shiva
LokanetraEye of the world
LokapujyaWorshipped by the universe. a name for lord hanuman
LokasundarLokasundar means the most attractive person in the world
LokavyaOne who is virtuous
LokbhushanOrnament of the world
LokenderOne of many names of Lord Shiva
LokendraOne of many names of Lord Shiva 
LokeshLord brahma
LokeshwarOne of many names of Lord Shiva 
LoknaathLord of the world
LoknathLord vishnu
LokpradeepGautam budha
LokprakashLight of the world
LokranjanLord vishnu
LomashA sage
LopeshHindu name that means to mingle or be friendly
LoroGreat power
LukeshKing of the empire
LushanoA variant of the name Lusha which means Saffron
LuvRama's twin son

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