Easy To Pronounce Indian Baby Girl Names

Welcome to www.indianbabynamez.com's Easy to Pronounce Indian Baby Girl Names collection. We understand, today all parents would like to choose a modern, cute and unique baby name for their child. Out of thousands of baby names, choosing a perfect baby name is not an easy task. In this collection we have hand-picked baby names which are modern and unique for newborn babies. We trust this little baby names list will help you to choose a proper easy to pronounce indian Girl names name for your bundle of joy.
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AadyaFirst power. It is also Goddess Durga’s name
AashnaOne who is devoted to love
AahanaFirst rays of the Sun
AakritiShape, Apperance, Form, Figure
AaliyaTop social ranking, Dignified, Honourable, Noble
AaradhyaOne worth worshipping, First One
The blessings received from Lord Ganesha are called Aaradhya
AashiSmile, Blessing, joy, Laughter
AislinnVision, Dream
AyeshaDoll daughter of the prophet
BaniWords, Goddess saraswati, Earth
BinalDaughter of a King, Royal Princess
BhavyaGrand or Marvellous, Impressive person
BhairaviA raga in Indian Classical Music, Challenging, Hindu Goddess
BhoomiThe Earth, Base
CherylDear one, Beloved, Darling
ChhayaShadow, Full of Lustre and life, Beautiful, Living
ChhaviReflection, Replica, Painting
It can mean that the baby is a reflection of its parents.
ChitrakshiOne with beautiful eyes, lovely eyes
ChinmayiOne who possesses supreme consciousness
CharviA beautiful girl or woman.
It was the name of Kubera’s wife in Hindu Mythology
DevanshiDivine being, Godlike, One who is heavenly
DhritiStrength, Courage, endurance
Easha/EshaPurity, Chastity, Name of Goddess Parvati, Pleasure or Desire
EvanaRoyal Lady, Peaceful, Good-looking
FalguniOne who is born in the month of Falgun- A Hindu calendar month, Beautiful
FaraSunset, Pleasant, Lovely
FlorenceFlorence Nightingale, Flourishing, Prospereous
GargiThis name means ancient scholar wise women durga
GayatriMother of all Gods, The Chant of Salvation, Gayatri mantra
GrahitaOne who is acceptable to all, homely person
GarimaWarmth, Person of cordial nature, Friendly
GinaPowerful woman, Pure, Well-born, Silvery, Born of a Race of Women
GurleenThe one who is absorbed in the guru
HarshikaLaughter, Joyous, One who fills lives with joy, Giver of happiness
HemashriOne with a golden body,
HritikaOne with a Kind heart, of Compassionate nature
IshikaSacred pen belongs to god, Paint brush
IshitaOne who has wealth, Mastery, Prosperous person
IlishaQueen or ruler of the earth
InayaConcern, Consideration
IshanaDesire, Variant of another name Ishaani
JanujaPretty daughter for her parents
JasleenAbsorbed in singing God’s praises
JeetVictorious, Win, Mastery, Success
JinalLord vishnu, Loving, Good natured, Kind
JivikaSource of life, From whom life comes, Water
JigyasaCurious about life, Inquisitive
KavikaPoetess, artistically inclined, One who loves art
KashviShining, bright star, One who shines as an individual
KimayaDivine, Miracle
LaasyaDance Performed by Goddess Parvathi
LauraSymbol of honor victory
LindaPreety, Beautiful
LoukyaIntelligent, Worldly, Wise
MayraBeloved, precious person. It is a lovely feminine name and modern too
MannatSpecial prayer
MeeraProsperous, Affluent, Lord Krishna’s most famous devotee
MihiraFemale form of Mihir, which means The Sun
NeilaSapphire Blue, Variation of the name “Neela”
NyraBeauty of Goddess Saraswati
NainaEyes, Name of a Goddess, Vision
OjasviBright, Illuminated, Variant of “Tejasvi”
OorjaAffectionate, Energy
OorjitaGiver of Energy, Vigour
OvyaBeautiful Drawing, Artist
PalakEye lid, Eyelash
PariAngelic, Ethereal beauty, Fragile
PeehuSweet sound, chattering of birds, Peahen
PrishaHeavenly or God’s Gift, Divine present
Just as Children are a gift to parents from the heaven
ParineetaComplete being, married woman, Skilful person
ParnikaTiny leaf, Name of Goddess Parvati, A unique and different name
RaaginiMelody, Music, Name of Goddess Lakshmi
For parents who are musically inclined
RomilaHertfelt deeply or sincerely felt
RishimaMoonlight or Moonbeam, A rare yet simple name for a delicate girl child
Rajani/RajniThe entertainer, One who spreads joy and cheer, Delightful
SaaryaName of a pious woman, full of virtuosity
SejalRiver water full of water
SiddhiTriumph, one who attains perfection
SaadhikaPious, Achiever, Name of Goddess Durga
SagarikaBorn of the Ocean, Wave,
TrishaNoble, Honourable, It is derived from the name Patricia
TejalRadiant, Talented, Brilliant, full of Energetic
TrayiIntellect, Brainpower, Rare name that speaks about intelligence
UditaOne who has risen, Ascended being
UdyatiElevated, Eminent person, powerful personality
A person who is destined to rise to the top
VanajaBlue-coloured Lotus, A forest Girl
VedantiPerson who knows Vedas, Knowledgeable
YashikaSuccessful, Bearing prosperity
Yogita, YogikaEnchanted, One who is able to concentrate
YuktaFocussed, Engrossed
YashawiniGlorious, Victorious, Famous, Known across the seven seas
One who can conquer all
ZaaraThe Little one, tiny, petite
ZiyaGlory, Graceful, The Enlightened one
Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of easy to pronounce indian girl names will help you to find a perfect name for your newborn!. This names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for your girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.